CNC Machining

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools maintain precision and speed, increasing productivity and keeping within tight tolerances.
Our state of the art precision equipment and modern machining centres include:

Mazak Nexus II 250 MY

The latest in the Mazak quick turn generation of mill turn multitasking CNC machines with bar feed ability.  Equipped with Y axis and 10″ chuck. This machine enables us to do milling and turning, for example drill holes off centre on the external radius, mill hex’s or arbitrary shapes in one setup ensuring maximum accuracy.  This machine is ideal for production runs for prototypes.

Turning Diameter – 380mm.  Turning Length – 504mm.  Bar Capacity – 77mm Diameter

Mazak VTC200 C

Enhanced productivity for a variety of applications from high speed machining of non-ferrous materials to heavy duty machining of steel.  The travelling column design with stationary table is extremely effective for large, long work pieces. It has a central partition which allows for efficient production machining. (more efficient than a pallet changer.

Table: 2300 × 510 mm

Haas – Machining Centre

Equipped with auto tool changer for max efficiency with X/Y/Z travel.

Machining Capacity

X = 1016mm Y = 406mm Z = 406mm

Haas – CNC Lathe

Ideal for 1 offs and small production runs Max Swing / turning Diameter = 406mm Max Cutting Length = 1219mm

Materials Used

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastics
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Chrome- Moly